Marvel Comics Spider-Man

Marvel Comics Spider-Man – Ultimate Collection

The Iron Spider suit is more than a full-body space suit. It is a fictional costume with a thick comic book heritage that represents a handful of key turns and twists in Spidey’s life and adding it to the big screen needed more than a flashier material. With Tobey Maguire takes over as the face of Spider-Man for the next chapter in the movie franchise, it is safe to assume that the design team and creative concept were inspired by the man’s life and career. If there is one actor from the Marvel comics universe that has made a mark on the film industry it would definitely be Maguire.

Marvel Comics Spider-Man

In the first two installments of the Spider-Man franchise, the suit is basically a red and black jumpsuit with the classic web-fluid webs giving its structural strength. The suit’s origins however, are deep and darker. During the climax of the second installment of the infinity war film, where Spidey and Captain America go toe to toe in a huge battle against the evil Thanos, the Marvel Universe villains acquire an experimental aircraft which contains a powerful iron suit that is attached to the plane by a thick metal wrist cuff. It is after this piece of armor that Peter Parker gains his spider-powers.

The full-body Iron Spider suit has many distinct parts that separate to form different accessories. These include the mask which usually features two large oval eyes and a mouth, as well as a rectangular oval helmet with elongated, rounded ears. In addition, the helmet also has a large forehead that jut out forward, providing for a very intimidating visage. The mask and the rest of the suit are made of heavy duty vinyl to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of any action film or television show. The suit’s chest armor is composed of several pieces of armor which connect to each other via several connecting pieces. The two padded sections of armor cover the upper torso, while the lower torso section features a heavy duty belt that attaches to the armor in the back.

The spider-man’s mask, which is one of the most iconic elements of the iron spider suit, is generally worn during the action films and cartoons. The mask is usually a clear, colorless, and featureless plastic mask that completely conceals the face of the wearer. The face is left exposed during the extended action sequences in the movies. However, in some of the early drafts of the Marvel comics where the Infinity War events were concerned, the mask was intended to be an integral part of the costume and featured as a mark which was affixed to Spiderman’s forehead during the battles.

When Spidey returns to New York City following the Infinity War, he discovers that the spider-shaped criminals have all been defeated. With the help of a new hero known as Spider-Man (acting as a liaison with the new police force detective named Peter Parker), he tries to locate his old friend Dr. Curt Connor, whom he has not seen since the war. Once he does, however, Connor reveals that he knows how to miniaturize humans, cure their illness, and allow them to jump into a new body through a surgical process he invented. In order to complete this complicated, yet ingenious procedure, he must leave his bulky, heavy iron spider suit behind…

While flying home on a passenger plane, Spidey receives a phone call from Connor, who wants him to go to a warehouse so he can perform the operation. While there, however, a bomb explodes which seriously injures Spider-Man (who is badly injured), forcing him to crash into a nearby truck and subsequently fall to the ground. There, in the wreckage, is a mysterious metallic substance that begins to eat away at Spidey’s body until he is forced to retreat into the safety of his new, lightweight metal spider-suit. However, once he regains his strength, he finds that he now possesses the strength and agility of a young man, as well as a new, spider-like web fluid which allow him to move like a spider.

With the threat of a massive virus sweeping the world, the Green Goblin launches his greatest coup ever…the Symbiotron apparatus which allows him to duplicate himself and other super powers. Using a robotic spider-hive, the Green Goblin assembles a huge army of spider-like menace to attack New York. Meanwhile, as Spidey works desperately to save the Marvel world from villains, he is visited by Dr. Curt Connor, who offers to help him save New York if only because he has recently contracted a deadly virus that has taken up residence in his system. Taking a chance on an experimental spider-hive formula, Spider-Man sets out to investigate the source of the outbreak, traveling to Wakanda, where he encounters a tribe of Kree called the Krell. There, he learns of the evil plans hatched by the Green Goblin and the criminal mastermind Dr. Abraham Web-Shot, who want to use the advanced technologies provided by the symbiotron to clone numerous new super-powers using a mysterious formula.

With the symbiotron technology, the Krell create a new breed of spider-fighting robots called the Antiders. Taking advantage of the new super-power, the Krell attack the city of New York, but are defeated by Spider-Man. The Antiders are defeated when Spider-Man swings into the city, defeats the Krell, and captures the evil Doctor Curt Connor. Using the armor’s strength and durability, the Antider robots are left to wander the earth, while the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the X-Men continue their battle against the villains.